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Though 24sevenbet is not about real gambling, yet you will find many adverts on this site related to gambling. These advertisements are just our source of fetching extra revenue, and should not be confused with real time gambling as the sole intention of our website is just entertainment.

We want you to read following terms and conditions of 24sevenebt before using our site:

  • As gambling laws are different for every state and territory, we encourage you to read the local laws of gambling in your state before using the services of 24seventbet.com. This message appears on every page of this site as we believe it is important for our users.
  • 24sevenbet doesn’t bear any responsibility for any losses claimed while using this site or from its content. This provision is also applicable to the use or the misuse of the site content by any person, inability to access the site or use it, delay in its functioning, failure in communication, any errors or misprints in the content of the site.
  • The content of this site is solely meant for the users of this website. Duplication, transmission or reproduction of the data on this site by anyone for any purpose is strictly prohibited.
  • 24sevenbet reserves the right modify the content of this site anytime, without any obligation to notify the users of 24sevenbet. It is the duty of users of 24sevenbet to check the updates of this site from time to time.
  • By using this site the users acknowledge the fact that they have read and accepted all terms and conditions of 24seventbet before placing a bet on this site and are fully aware of its content and are bound to these terms and conditions. You can place free bet on Any Sports Matches Create Free Account today and Start Online Cricket Betting
  • 24seven bet is a free website for fun purpose only. We will never ask you for money to register or to play on this site. The games featured on this site are only for entertainment and not to encourage gambling by any means. 24sevenbet is not responsible for the acts done by users of 24sevenbet outside of this site or any other site featured as adverts on 24sevenbet.com.
  • At 24sevenbet we keep the rights reserved to block a player from playing if any suspicious activity is observed. The account can be put on hold during the investigation, and can also be permanently blocked if any suspicious activity is found.
  • All the bets placed after the match has started (IN THE MATCHES THAT ARE NOT LIVE BETTING) will be discredited and the player will not get any returns for those events.


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